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  • Incident Reports | 28 August, 2006 (08:09)

    Italian Journalist Detained In Liaoning

    Italian sports journalist Francesco Liello of La Gazetta dello Sport was detained in Anshan, Liaoning Province. He was trying to report on a “collective doping” scandal reported earlier by domestic Chinese media. He was unable to find the new headmaster, whom he wanted to interview, and was detained while photographing an empty running track. Liello, a member of the FCCC board, was taken to a police station, was told he’d violated the law because he was trying to report without permission, and was compelled to delete about 20 photos from his digital camera. Local officials who’d apprehended him said he would not have been detained if he had “acted like a tourist” and had not identified himself as a journalist. After signing a “confession” he was told to return to Beijing immediately.