Become a Member

Membership in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China gives you:

  • A great opportunity to meet members of the world’s leading media organizations.
  • Invaluable sources of timely information, useful tips on job openings and community announcements.
  • A lively social scene with regular parties and happy hours.
  • A range of speaker events (online and offline) with the world’s leading China experts.
  • Advocacy to improve working conditions for journalists in China, including unrestricted travel, freedom to conduct interviews, and greater protection for Chinese sources.
  • Reciprocal membership benefits with the foreign correspondents’ clubs around the world.

To apply for membership contact us.

We have multiple membership types. The most common are :

1. Correspondent Member: Accredited foreign correspondents, or those who work full-time for news organizations headquartered outside mainland China. Only correspondent members have the right to vote in club elections.

  • Annual dues: 1300 yuan (Groups of five or more correspondents from the same outlet receive 20% off.)

2. Diplomatic Member: Accredited foreign diplomats working in China.

  • Annual dues: 1300 yuan (Groups of five or more diplomats from the same embassy receive 20% off.)

3. Associate Member: The club welcomes non-journalists to join as associate members. Numerous China-watchers such as aid officials, consultants, public relations personnel, and corporate executives have benefited from this category FCCC membership.

  • Annual dues: 2000 yuan. (Receive a 20% discount if 5 employees from an organization join at the same time.)

4. Media Associate Member: Journalists who are not full-time foreign correspondents, including foreign journalists working for Chinese media, foreign part-time freelancers, foreign news assistants and foreign journalism students.

  • Annual dues: 900 yuan. (Receive a 20% discount if 5 employees from an organization join at the same time.) 

5. Academic Members: Foreign academics, researchers, scientists, students who are (temporarily) working in China.

  • Annual dues: 1300 yuan.

All Memberships run from the month of joining to the end of the calendar year. Fees are prorated according to the month of joining.  

Hardship Dues

Working journalists and academics in China who would benefit from FCCC membership, but cannot afford the full fees, may be eligible for a limited number of discounted correspondent and media associate memberships. We offer these discounts to make FCCC membership possible for journalists and academics whose employers will not bear the cost of club dues, and for correspondents from low-income nations with limited financial resources.

If you would like to apply for a discount, please email us: All discussions will be kept confidential. Discounts are for genuine financial hardship only and are granted solely at the discretion of the FCCC board.