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  • Incident Reports | 10 September, 2007 (09:18)

    Reporter Beaten By Thugs At Detention Center in Beijing

    Reuters correspondent Chris Buckley was tackled to the ground, kicked in the back, and punched by more than a dozen thugs while investigating a claim about an illicit detention center in Beijing for petitioners coming to the capital to air grievances.

    Buckley was attacked while leaving the center, located at the Beijing liason office of Nanyang City, Henan Province. The thugs took his bag with notes, a mobile phone and camera. They pinned him to a chair. One man added to the tension by threatening to kill the reporter.

    Buckley’s attackers then called the police. He was only allowed to make phone calls after a senior officer arrived. Once Buckley could phone the Foreign Ministry, its staff were prompt and helpful. After that call, the senior police officer returned Buckley’s possessions and recorded his official complaint. He has heard of no police follow-up to prosecute his assailants.