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  • Incident Reports | 29 September, 2007 (09:10)

    Shenzhen Police Detain Labor Activist in Middle of Interview

    Police in Shenzhen detained a labor rights activist Zhang Zhiru during an interview with Finnish reporter Sami Sillanpaa of Helsingin Sanomat.

    Two police officers entered the office and demanded Zhang accompany them to the police station. They refused to say why. The police detained Zhang for several hours, during which they asked him the identity of the reporter, what story the reporter was working on, and how the reporter knew about the Labour Dispute Service Center, which helps migrant workers involved in legal disputes with factories.

    Zhang was warned not to tell the foreigner “unnecessary things.” Zhang was able to meet Sillanpaa later that day. Zhang said police also intervened in March when he and some other labour rights defenders were interviewed by an Australian journalist