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  • Incident Reports | 22 July, 2008 (22:40)

    Beijing Police Manhandle HK Journalists

    According to multiple press reports and video clips posted online, at least four Hong Kong journalists were manhandled, shoved and pushed by police while attempting to cover a crowd of Beijingers trying to buy Olympics tickets.

    Video clips show police shoving photographers and other media away as a rush of ticket-buyers tried to push ahead in the line. At least two cameramen were grabbed by the neck and shoved, while another was pulled down from the ladder on which he was standing to shoot photos.

    A South China Morning Post photographer was detained, and later apologized for kicking one of the policemen in the groin. Hong Kong media reported some injuries and damage to equipment as a result of police action.

    The SCMP quoted Zhao Dongming, head of the Cultural Ctivities Department of the Beijing Games organizing committee as saying, “We deeply regret what happened…Perhaps there was some mishandling at the site of the incident. I think after this experience everyone will find a way to do a better job.”