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  • Incident Reports | 15 August, 2008 (17:43)

    Finnish Reporter Harrassed

    Katri Makkonen of Finnish Broadcasting Company and two others were followed by three men who prevented her from talking to locals in the Caochangdi district of Beijing about how they were enjoying the Olympics.

    “Three goons followed us everywhere after we went to interview a lady in a shop watching a black-and-white TV they told her not to talk to us,” she said.

    Police later arrived and questioned the reporters. Makkonen asked the police to tell the three men to stop following her and intimidating villagers.

    “When I did that, the police just walked away. It was obvious that they were working together,” Makkonen. “It was really annoying because it made it impossible for us to speak to the people even though we were doing a nice story.”