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  • Incident Reports | 11 September, 2008 (07:40)

    Australian Journalist Followed, Source Detained

    Australia Network reporter Charlotte Glennie was prevented by a group of unidentified people from interviewing Yuan Weijing, the wife of blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng. She said the group stopped her at a turnoff on the main road and didn’t allow her to enter Yuan Weijing’s village.

    Later in the day, Glennie arranged to talk to Chen Guangcheng’s brother, Cheng Guangfu. He agreed to a brief interview. Three carloads of unidentified people waited nearby. The correspondent was then followed as she left the province. On her return to Beijing, Glennie was told by a close family friend of the blind activist that, as a result of her interview, Chen Guangfu had been detained by police at around 9 p.m. He was questioned and released later the same evening.

    Glennie said: “I’d heard security had increased around the home of Chen Guangcheng’s wife in the lead-up to and during the Paralympics.” The correspondent carried with her official journalist accreditation as well as her Paralympic accreditation and a copy of the Olympic reporting rules.