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  • Incident Reports | 1 February, 2009 (15:07)

    Source In Hebei Detained Before Interview On Baby Milk Scandal

    LOCATION: Hebei Province, Shijizhuang
    TYPE OF INCIDENT: Intimidation of source
    REPORTING TOPIC: Sanlu baby formula scandal

    DESCRIPTION: The parents of a child affected by contaminated Sanlu milk powder canceled a scheduled interview at the last minute.
    QUOTE: “They canceled the interview the night before. They gave no explanation, and turned off their phone. This was the same weekend when about 20 people were rounded up in Beijing as they were about to hold a press conference on the milk powder incident. We believe authorities had called the parents and dissuaded them from speaking with us. After that weekend, even the attorneys who had previously spoken to us were no longer willing to talk.”