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  • Incident Reports | 7 July, 2009 (14:09)

    Reporter in Urumqi Shoved Into Van

    LOCATION: Urumqi
    TYPE OF INCIDENT: Barred from public space, Manhandled
    TOPIC: Xinjiang Unrest

    DESCRIPTION: Daily organised trips for the media. They were obviously orchestrated, but at least they are trying. Media officers who were largely cordial and tried very hard to be helpful. There were at least two instances when I was stopped from reporting and escorted from the scene of the riots. But in both instances, it would not be far fetched that they were done indeed to ensure journalists’ safety. It was regrettable that once, the police shoved me into a white van before sending me back to the media hotel. But otherwise, it was civilized behavior. While there was Internet connection at the designated hotel, it was hardly enough to meet the needs of the journalists. The erratic telecommunications also made reporting work much more tedious.

    “I saw numerous instances of the police requesting the TV media to stop filming and despite the journalists/cameramen ignoring it repeatedly, the officers remained polite.”