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  • For Members, Warnings | 21 September, 2009 (08:15)

    Warning On Fake Emails Targeting News Assistants

    The FCCC has received several reports that correspondents’ news assistants are being targeted with email viruses. The senders were purportedly from the media organisations’ head offices. We would like to advise extra caution when opening such email.

    Here is one recent example:

    From: Pam [mailto:pam.bourdon@yahoo.com]
    Subject: Trip to Beijing

    Please can you both confirm that you received this e-mail I sent a few days ago. Given recent e-mail problems I am worried that it has gone astray yet again.


    I am the economics editor of The Straits Times. I plan to be in Beijing October 2nd, (arriving late evening) to research the annual world economy survey.
    I was suggested that you would be able to help me fix up some interviews.
    I attach a list of people I would like to meet with. I would be happy with just 6-7 interviews during my stay, so don’t worry if some of them are away. If a lot of my chosen economists are unavailable, I will have a few more names.
    I think that they are all Chinese speakers, but please check for me as I find that discussing technical economics through a translator does not work very well.

    I will be staying at the China World Hotel, No. 1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue .
    From past experience, it would be good if meetings could be grouped to minimise getting stuck in bad traffic!

    The subject I am researching is the implications for the world economy, and in particular the developed economies, of the increasing
    global importance of China, India and the other emerging economies. How is the increased weight in the world of emerging economies affecting growth rates, jobs, wages, profits, commodity prices, inflation, interest rates, asset prices, capital flows and exchange rates? Who will be the winners and losers in this new economy?

    Please let me know if you need any more information.
    And thank you in advance for helping me arange my trip.

    Best regards