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  • For Members | 25 March, 2010 (21:31)

    A Reminder About Email Security For China-Based Correspondents

    Three Beijing-based journalists have reported receiving emails containing malware from an address that initially appeared to come from the Shanghai Expo’s media affairs office. The email, which was not sent by the Expo office, may be targeting correspondents who registered to cover the event.

    Malicious email attachments sent to foreign correspondents in China tend to increase around big news events and sensitive political dates. In addition to the Expo messages, the overall volume of malware messages sent to foreign correspondents appears to have grown this week.

    Please note: .pdf attachments, often assumed to be harmless, have become a common mode of spreading this type of malware. We suggest caution in handling every attachment you receive, especially as these attacks grow more sophisticated. Regular anti-virus software does not typically pick up these types of malware. If you’re unsure whether an email attachment is safe, you can check here.

    More information on email attacks against foreign correspondents in China is available here. Gmail users can find information here.