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  • For Members | 12 May, 2010 (08:15)

    New FCCC Board Elected

    Following votes cast by a quorum of correspondent members at the club’s Annual General Meeting on May 11, these FCCC members have been elected to serve as the board of directors for the coming year.

    President: Stephen McDonell (ABC News)
    Vice President: Lucy Hornby (Reuters)
    Secretary: Kathleen McLaughlin (BNA)
    Treasurer: Tze-Wei Ng (SCMP)

    General Board Members:
    Jocelyn Ford (US Public Radio)
    Peter Ford (The Christian Science Monitor)
    Andreas Lorenz (Der Spiegel)
    Peter Simpson (Daily Mail)
    Richard Stone (Science Magazine)

    Associate Board Member:
    Giorgio Magistrelli (Consultant to Embassy of Malta)

    The outgoing board would like to say thanks to all FCCC members for your support over the past year.