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  • For Members, Statements | 29 June, 2010 (02:18)

    FCCC Tibet Survey and Statement

    FCCC Calls for Open Reporting Access to Tibet

    On the occasion of a government-led reporting trip to Tibet for foreign journalists, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China calls on the government to apply its own reporting regulations and properly open Tibet to foreign journalists.

    A new FCCC survey about reporting access to Tibet found 86 percent of respondents said it is not currently possible to report accurately and comprehensively on Tibet. Respondents listed travel restrictions and the reluctance of sources to speak freely as the top reasons.

    Among  the 35 applications submitted by survey respondents for independent reporting trips to the Tibet Autonomous Region in the past two years, only four have been approved.

    Critics of the international media in China fault alleged superficial reporting about Tibet but, at the same time, reporters are denied opportunities to work unhampered there.

    To read more about the survey, please email fccadmin@gmail.com.

    The FCCC Board