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  • Incident Reports | 15 October, 2014 (16:21)

    Suspicious “visits” to private apartment

    Beijing, 15.10.2014

    After coming home from a working trip to Hong Kong all windows of my apartment were open. While I was in Hong Kong the management company of my compound called me. They wanted to enter my apartment to check my smoke detector. I replied that nothing is wrong with the smoke detectors and that they had to wait to enter my apartment until I return to Beijing. But someone obviously entered the apartment. A month later the management called again. They told me that water was leaking from the shower or the kitchen sink and that they had to enter my apartment immediately. When I arrived back in the apartment one hour later, there was no damage at all, but six people waited to enter my apartment. They wore uniforms of the management company. When I asked them why they want to repair a water damage that didn’t exist, they pretended not to speak English, although at least two of them did.

    Danish TV Correspondent