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  • For Members | 8 June, 2009 (10:52)

    Welcome To The New FCCC Website

    Dear FCCC members,

    You’ve probably noticed that the FCCC website now has a very different look and feel. This is the result of a project I’ve been working on for the last several months, to bring the FCCC website into the modern Internet era.

    The old website had been pulled together basically by hand, and the accumulation of ad-hoc changes meant that it was requiring increasing amounts of time and effort to maintain and update. The new site is based on the widely-used WordPress blogging platform, so the way it works should seem pretty familiar to you all. It also has the benefit of being very easy for the board and the manager to update: statements and incident reports are going online much faster than before.

    Essentially, the main benefit of the new site is that it can more easily link up with the rest of the online world. None of these features are that exceptional, but they were hard for the old site to handle.

    For instance, you can easily use RSS readers to monitor new posts through the site’s feed: https://fccchina.org/feed/

    And for those of you on Twitter, those updates also automatically feed into an FCCC account there: http://twitter.com/fccchina

    One of our hopes for the site is that it will raise the FCCC’s profile by making it easier for people to find us online. So please link to FCCC statements and events on your own sites when you can!

    There’s also been some updates to the content. We’ve got better links to other FCCs in Asia, and also to important reference information on Chinese government websites. The Reporters’ Guide we put out last year is now new and improved. Among other changes we now have an online English translation of the new reporting regulations available for reference.

    There’s also an online form for confidentially reporting harassment.

    And note the handy display of upcoming events at the top right of this and every page, to help you keep track of social events and speakers.

    This For Members section will also give us a bigger platform to share job ads and other practical information. But from now on, please take note that any messages you want distributed to the membership may also be be posted online for anyone to read, unless you request otherwise.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have any suggestions, or would like to help us continue to maintain and improve the site.

    Andrew Batson,