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  • Incident Reports | 1 September, 2015 (02:19)

    Reporter arbitrarily denied credential for military parade

    Reporter Akio Yaita of the Japanese newspaper Sankei on Aug 18
    applied for a credential to cover the military parade.

    On Sept 1, an official  of the Media Center for the parade told Sankei
    that the pass for Mr. Yaita would not be issued because the
    application “did not pass the process”. The pass for the other Sankei
    reporter and the assistant were issued.

    The Japanese Embassy in Beijing conveyed a message of regret to
    Chinese  Foreign Ministry on Sept 2. Japanese cabinet secretary Mr.
    Suga, in the regular press conference on Sept 3 in Tokyo, said
    “reporters should be treated equally in democratic nations. Through
    the embassy in Beijing we have been asking Chinese side strongly about
    the case”.