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  • Incident Reports | 14 September, 2015 (00:34)

    August 2015 Tianjin American news outlet

    August 2015
    American news outlet

    I was shooting interviews in Tianjin on a street corner near a police station the day after the blasts. The police thought I was shooting the front of the station. Even though the station was just a few steps away, they got into a police car, put their lights and siren on and came across the street.
    When they arrived to where I was set up, they started demanding that I come with them. I told them I was just asking people about the air and their concerns about what was in it. One policeman grabbed my arm and I told him there was no need to do that. He eventually let go of my arm. The other asked to see the footage and I showed it to them. After that, they sort of shrugged it off and left after gruffly telling me I could not shoot any video of a police station.
    Seeing no need to press the issue any further, I packed up my stuff and moved along.